I began my design career at age 6. Playing house wasn't really my thing so in first grade I coerced my best friend to help me create our own greeting card company. At this point in my life I had just barely learned to tie my shoes, but already I knew the importance of branding. I created a logo for our company, it was simple but effective. I took care as I drew it out in pencil crayon on the back of all of our cards. We made plenty of sales to our neighbors, and the rush of selling something that I had created was invigorating. I was hooked.

Throughout elementary school I attempted to build my empire. I had lemonade stands, sold homemade candy, and convinced my classmates their moms just couldn't live without my hand painted wooden "art" pieces. I even tried my hand at the greeting card game again after responding to an ad on the back of an Archie comic. I was always creating or selling something and it just felt right.

During my teenage years I traded in the hustle and bustle of my corporate life for angst, punk rock, boys and homework. Though when it came time to pick a career, there was never a doubt in my mind. I wanted to make things all day and be my own boss. I enrolled in the Visual Communications degree program. There I tried my hand at a variety of art forms including screen printing, sculpture, painting and graphic design. I completed my degree and began putting my new found skills to work.

For 7 years my business formula was a hybrid clothing store / screen printing shop / graphic design studio. Creating my own clothing, jewelry and accessory designs and selling them along with a few other handpicked brands. My jewelry sales started to show promise and it became too hectic to fulfill orders while running the store. I decided to sell my handcrafted items exclusively online and I now have customers from all over the globe. We have also expanded our screen printing services and created a new company dedicated to apparel decoration and promotional products called Customs Print & Stitch Inc.

I consider graphic design, illustration and web development my day job but it is really just part of what I do. The fact that I can craft, create and make messes for most of every day makes me one happy lady!